5-year-olds wear hijab as school uniform (MORE from Burpfart)
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2017-09-05 15:27:22 UTC
"jew pedophile Ron Jacobson (jew pedophile Baruch 'Barry' Shein's jew
The only time integration happens is when it's forced...
Yes! Make all the ragheads (jews, Muslims, Griks etc) remove their rags
from their heads, get uncircumcised and convert to Christianity!
Does anyone really WANT integration? The evidence suggests that no one does.

Appearances can deceive. If at lunchtime you walked along Connecticut
Avenue, a business thoroughfare of Washington, you might believe the country
to be in the throes of racial amity. Blacks and whites of prosperous mien
throng the streets without evident friction, sometimes dining together. In
offices they work side by side. All seems well. What is less obvious is that
they have no choice. A vast federal machinery of suasion and intimidation
exists, disposing of heavy sanctions, to repress the slightest
disinclination to mixing.

When integration isn't forced, it doesn't happen. At quitting time, blacks
go home to black neighborhoods, whites to white. Mixed regions are few and
unstable, with one race usually moving out when too many of the other

As the races live apart, so do they play apart. Whites go to white clubs and
blacks to black. Crossover is minimal, yet there is no discrimination.
Private social life remains highly segregated, even among those who most
decry segregation: Although Washington is predominantly black, parties held
by liberal whites are overwhelmingly white.

Is this not everywhere the pattern? We pretend otherwise, pretend to want
integration, and speak of racial progress, but it is pretense.

The truth is that the races do not care for each other. If this is not the
truth, then show everyone that it's not. We may think we ought to like each
other, but we don't quite get there. The question arises: What do we gain by
compulsory togetherness that seems chiefly to encourage antagonism?
2017-09-05 20:10:04 UTC
Perhaps you and your friends have perused thousands of pages from hundreds
of reports and surveys, and finally met and concluded that no one wants
integration. But all you can mean is that you and your friends do not
want integration. It's here and it's happening with or without you, byker.
But only because it is FORCED upon us. When it isn't forced, it doesn't
happen, period. "White flight" is the usual result: