The Left's "peace through violence"
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2017-08-23 02:34:00 UTC
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When a diagnosed schizophrenic who’d been prescribed antipsychotic medicine
plowed into a crowd of “peaceful protesters” -- who were, in fact, illegally
blocking a street -- and killed a woman in Charlottesville, VA on August 13,
the perpetually self-discrediting establishment media seized on this
incident as "proof" that Donald Trump and all his supporters were
murderously violent Nazis.

Watch this video that shows stoic would-be "Unite the Right" rally attendees
being taunted and heckled and poked from all sides as they try to safely get
back to their vehicles and vamoose. Then try to tell me that the "Nazis"
were the only aggressors: http://tinyurl.com/ydep6asf

Look at this footage of a TV reporter getting clubbed in the head by an
Antifa goon in Charlottesville and tell me the violence only came from one
side: https://twitter.com/lfrenchnews/status/896950108708888576

As far as I can discern, the reporter was only trying to film the
festivities. Being a reporter for a TV station anywhere in America in 2017,
odds are that he leans to the Left. But since Antifa didn’t like someone
filming their animalistic behavior, he magically transformed into a "White
supremacist" who endorsed "rape culture", so there was nothing wrong with
splitting his skull open: Loading Image...

Even worse than the leftist rioters’ self-justifications are the
justifications of a resolutely ideological press that enables them to get
away with violence. In a largely sympathetic profile of Antifa, CNN went
Full Orwell with a headline that briefly included the phrase "peace through
violence": https://twitter.com/redsteeze/status/898900890647752704/photo/1

The headline was amended after someone apparently alerted CNN that it made
them look insane...
2017-08-24 23:50:02 UTC
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