Cheating dem wigger girlfriend sends twins to seduce black boyfriend as a test - it backfires for her unexpectedly
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It Takes A Village
2017-09-30 23:39:38 UTC
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It's a tale as old as time - in a moment of weakness, someone
decides to test their partner's fidelity.

Then, to no one's surprise - apart from the person who set up
the test - it results in humiliation and misery for all

This is what happened to one woman who tried to catch her
boyfriend out.

But this woeful little tale differs from the usual narrative,
with the woman having different motivations from the normal "I
don't trust him etc etc etc" line.

Enlisting the help of YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater , which
does exactly what it says on the tin, the set-up went as follows.

The woman's broadband engineer boyfriend is sent out on a job to
to help install someone's internet.

Needless to say, there are cameras installed in the house and
the residents - twins, no less - are actors.

Laying on the temptation thick, the oblivious man is approached
by one of the twins, who attempts to seduce him with the
classic, "Have you modelled before? I'm sure you have. You're,
like, super hot."

He laughs and thanks her - but doesn't take the bait.

The same twin then tries to coax him into helping her pick
between two sets of lingerie. Subtle it is not.

Ramping up the seduction attempt, which has so far not gone
well, the second twin gets involved.

He's asked "what if you could have both?" and, again, he
politely declines, saying, "I don't think I should be getting
that involved."

Basically, he loves his girlfriend - and he tells the would-be
temptresses so. Also remember that his girlfriend is watching

So is she satisfied?

No, instead she's plagued with feelings of guilt.

Not only has she been cheating on him with a colleague, but she
has no intention of breaking things off and had hoped to catch
her boyfriend cheating to make it easier for her to end things.

2017-10-01 02:00:27 UTC
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