Black homosexual tried to kidnap boy, 7, from Georgia park, cops say
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Leroy N. Soetoro
2017-07-22 18:11:33 UTC
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A man who tried to kidnap a child at an Atlanta park on Wednesday was
taken into custody after the boy fought back, officials said.

DeKalb County Police told FOX 5 Atlanta that Sydrick Heard, 61, grabbed a
7-year-old boy as he walked by the port-a-potties at a park off Wilkinson
Drive in southeast Atlanta.

The boy's mother told cops the child hit Heard, who then ran away.

Another person with the boy at the time of the incident was able to snap a
photo of a man alleged to be Heard before he fled.

Authorities later spotted Heard, who had several injuries, and then
arrested him. He's been charged with criminal attempt to kidnap a minor.
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2017-07-22 20:53:56 UTC
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