Calling Out White Supremacy Comes With Consequences For Bigoted Black Folks
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2017-09-15 04:14:20 UTC
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In both the year preceding and the months following Donald
Trump’s election, his most fervent detractors embraced a common
theme: the romantics of “normal.”

The refrain was and continues to be that Trump’s bizarre,
megalomaniacal obsessions and his defiance of political
tradition “undermined our democratic norms” — and that given
this, Trump’s reign “is not normal.” There is, in these notions,
a subtle naïveté, which ignores the fact that the illiberalism
accompanying a Trump presidency had already been met upon
millions of black and brown Americans to some degree. Police
violence had not waned, voter disenfranchisement persisted, and
white males were largely granted blind deference prior to the
2016 election.

But the longing for normalcy speaks to a very real departure
from presidential decorum under the current regime, and with
very real impact. It is, for example, unique for a president to
publicly defend neo-Nazis; or oafishly endorse police brutality;
or boast about sexual assault; or claim Mexican immigrants are
rapists, drug mules and violent thugs. And from a president
whose message of ethnocentric nationalism captivated millions,
these are performances with clear reverberations throughout our
nation. They grant allowance to those wresting American identity
for themselves at the expense of all others, and in response to
people of this ilk, complicity breeds violence.

On Monday afternoon, ESPN “SportsCenter” co-host Jemele Hill
used her Twitter account to note that Trump is a white

Jemele Hill ? @jemelehill
Replying to @DonnyParlock and 2 others
Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded
himself w/ other white supremacists.
4:54 PM - Sep 11, 2017
8,695 8,695 Replies 12,947 12,947 Retweets 33,243 33,243

Her tweets were met with vitriol from Twitter users who deem
such labels insults rather than provable identifiers. To these
users, being called a racist or white supremacist is unseemly,
even if the label is technically apt.

ESPN capitulated to this vitriol by offering an apology on
Hill’s behalf:


ESPN Statement on Jemele Hill:
12:11 PM - Sep 12, 2017
9,750 9,750 Replies 1,666 1,666 Retweets 2,568 2,568 likes

There was, predictably, no explanation offered as to why Hill’s
words were inappropriate, and much less, whether they were wrong.

L’Oreal’s first trans model, Munroe Bergdorf, endured a more
stringent fate for her condemnation of white supremacy. After
authoring a Facebook post concerning the insidiousness of
racism, Bergdorf was fired by L’Oreal, which, unironically,
deemed themselves champions of diversity in the immediate wake.

It is noteworthy that outcry toward antiracists uniquely harms
black people aiming to upend the practice of racism in ways
their white ideological counterparts rarely experience.

When Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy referred to Trump
as “brazenly racist and misogynistic,” he eluded a clarion call
for his firing.

When Steve Kerr, head coach of the NBA champion Golden State
Warriors, openly agreed with Van Gundy, the levers of power were
not pulled to his demise.

When San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich addressed our
“national sin,” the scourges of racism and white privilege, an
animated horde did not force his ouster or earn him reprimand.

But just Wednesday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee
Sanders called Hill’s remarks about Trump a “fireable offense”
during a press briefing. And mere months prior, Trump himself
implied pressure from his office would prevent Colin Kaepernick
from ever earning an NFL job again after the quarterback
protested police brutality.

These speak to a general disinclination among whites to accept
the authority of black people, even with regard to matters like
racism, which black people experience intimately and frequently.
This is a tradition spanning far beyond the constraints of
politics, however. A 2016 study, for example, used data provided
by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to illustrate
the disparity in drug prescriptions written for black and white
emergency department patients. The data suggest a greater
reluctance to provide medication for pained black patients, to
which Keisha Ray, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of
Texas Health Science Center at Houston, offered a chilling

“Black patients are not afforded the luxury of being seen in
EDs, physician offices, and clinics as just patients in need of
help and healing,” Ray said. “Rather they are seen as less than
human, drug seekers and overall exaggerators.”

These behaviors speak to the flippancy with which black plight
is treated. They are not, in themselves, Trump creations. But
the risk we run in bending to the will of an overtly white
supremacist president bears similar results. Assuaging and
coddling fragile white racism inevitably shifts the window
through which we observe that racism, forcing us to see both the
oppressors and the oppressed in a similar light.

The effect of this fear — of the refusal to allow clear and
reasoned critique — is the seizure of tools that one may use to
navigate and combat racism.
When people speak in a frightened tone about the normalization
of Donald Trump, this is the precise phenomenon to which they
speak. It is not merely normalization in a practical, political
sense ? the permission, say, to have a Muslim ban or the
expulsion of immigrants, or the allowance of police brutality,
or the refusal to provide the president’s tax returns. Rather,
it is the fear that his darkest views, and their espousal by
those we know and love, immobilize us in condemning them as
despicable. To condemn Trump, in many circles, amounts to
condemning your mother, your father, your cousins, or your
friends who support him. And similarly, if Trump is a white
supremacist, so too are those who share his aims.

We should not share in this fear of scrutiny.

The effect of this fear — of the refusal to allow clear and
reasoned critique — is the seizure of tools that one may use to
navigate and combat racism.

It is as though one stands atop an eroding sandbar without a
boat, the water infinite in the distance and a tide creeping
nearer and nearer. And if we are to ? as ESPN, and L’Oreal, and
other complicit bodies have ? silence those speaking out against
racism, we must be willing to explain why confiscating their
meager means for survival serves our national interest.

Her racist black ass should have been fired.

What's the difference between what she said and Jimmy The Greek?
She lied, Greek told the truth. Greek got fired.

2017-09-15 21:27:22 UTC
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THE ENEMIES of White people around the world have a pathological
love affair with the term 'White supremacist' whenever they report
on or describe White people who act in a collective manner, no
matter how benign, on behalf of their own group interests..
However, the same people who decry 'White supremacism' seem to have a
difficult time describing the actions of non-Whites acting on behalf
of their group interests, often violently, as supremacists of any
And never mind the fact that most so-called White supremacists
simply work to promote separate living space and political
independence from Jewish or other non-White influence.
All right then, I have a question for you about this 'White
supremacism': where is it? Where is this so-called White
supremacism? Have you seen it?

Far too many White people in America and around the world are
race-mixing and aborting themselves out of existence. Our
politicians are allowing record Third World immigration into our
White ancestral homelands. Our White corporate 'free traders' and
White globalists continue to impoverish us as they send our jobs
overseas, and our White politicians send our White soldiers to die
in a senseless war in Iraq for Israel, soldiers who will never sire
another generation of their own kind.

Does that sound like 'White supremacism'?
We continue to allow the media masters to produce their filth,
surpassing each other in obscenity as they abuse our people in print
and on screen. Does that sound like White supremacy?
Ubiquitous misinformation in the media and in the schools has made
too many of us ashamed of our nature and our traditions; our
accomplishments, we are told, belong to the entire world. Even most
Whites-who know they're being lied to-are still too scared to
organize for our common good, because Jewish supremacists such as
the Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, their
allies in the media, and their lapdog politicians attack any who
try to stand up to them; even as Jews and other non-Whites are
encouraged, even paid, to organize.

How "supreme" is that, my friends?
If you recall, the recent demonstrations of Mestizo invaders across
America bore a simple message: 'We claim your land! We claim your
jobs! We want your women! We demand your future! If you don't hand
us America, then you are racist pigs!'
Where was the massive so-called White supremacist backlash to these
invaders? Where was the White resistance to this clear and present
danger to our posterity? With the exception of the street activism
of National Vanguard members and supporters and a few other stalwart
patriots, I didn't see it. Did you?

So, where were all the White people during these Mestizo
demonstrations? Well, my guess is they were figuring out how they're
going to pay their next tax bill; working longer hours for less and
less inflation-reduced take-home pay; shopping at yet another new
Wal-Mart for the only kind of goods many can afford, Chinese junk;
watching ball games; attending yet another anti-White motion
picture, and so on. Some are blind, happily embracing their lives as
the new peons in a multiracial America, while others know something
is wrong, but haven't yet figured it out. Some know exactly what is
happening, but are afraid to say anything, falsely believing they
are all alone in their beliefs.
Fear is the dominant note in this funeral march.

Everywhere our borders have been opened and the
new elite teaches our children that intermarriage is good and
desirable. Everywhere the new elite teaches our children that to
defend our genetic heritage is the very definition of evil. The end
result, if trends continue, will be genocide.

There is no fortress against this persistent onslaught. There are no
mighty gates on the horizon swinging open to offer us sanctuary. The
Other is in every city, every county, every town, every hamlet now.
The Opponent continues to work overtime to convince us all that
White racial consciousness is "evil," because they know that we are
the only real obstacle to their malevolent plans for a global
plantation. They are the real supremacists. Not us.

History has set a task for us. It is to dispel the fog of fear that
immobilizes the sleeping White giant of our people. It is to change
the now-dominant note of fear to one of determination. It is to turn
that funeral march into a march of triumph.
National Vanguard. Our time has come and our time is now.

I'm Frank Roman. Thank you for listening and I shall speak with you

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