When America was White and beautiful
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< You appear to have a lot of time on your hands.

That's because I'm retired. My 40-year working life is OVER.
That's usually evidence that you are lazy, black and poor.
If I was black, I'd be rolling in dough by taking Creflo Dollar's cue and
fleecing huge flocks of gullible bruthas and sistahs.

Very interesting documentary: "The Truth about the Black Church":



This article fits Creflo Dollar to a "T". "Today's black preacher is
slicker, arrogant, boastful, and conceited. These "church ministries" are in
reality family empires. Most times the preacher is regarded as the leader,
his wife appointed the treasurer, and other members of his family have their
hands somewhere in the money till. They live in mansions, in their fleet of
"church cars" are Rolls Royce, Bentleys and Mercedes-Benz. They fly in
private jets. Dressed in a tailored eight-button powder blue suit,
alligator shoes, gold Rolex watch, ring with a diamond large enough to choke
a mule, well-coiffed pompadour and freshly manicured nails, the brother man
is sharper than a mosquito's peeter." Are you listening, Jesse Jackass, Al

By Ray Vaughn

It is my belief that blacks are among the most religious people in America.
They may even be the most religious. You may however, disagree with me. But,
one would be hard pressed to find a more fervent group of believers.

From what I see on television these days blacks have gotten real emotional
about their religion. The airwaves are filled with images of the modern day
black man of the cloth. He is very different from his predecessors. Today's
black preacher is slicker, arrogant, boastful, and conceited.

The black preacher has seen the light and lifted pages from their white
counterpart's book of rackets and used them to further their personal
agendas. Gone are the amen corner and mourners bench. Like their white
brethren many have erected gigantic edifice to house thousands of followers
at one sitting. Often attached to these edifice and listed under "church
ministries" are nursing homes, retirement centers, beauty and barber shops,
health foods shop and private schools. Chances are if you dug one-fourth of
an inch below the surface of these so called "church ministries," it's more
likely that you would find them to be attached to the preacher, his family,
in-laws, outlaws and selected members of the flock instead of the church.

These "church ministries" are in reality family empires.

Most times the preacher is regarded as the leader, his wife appointed the
treasurer, and other members of his family have their hands somewhere in the
money till. And it does not end there.

Often, the associate minister is the preacher's wife. She too is adept at
running games down on the flock. It's a family affair.

They live in mansions, in their fleet of "church cars" are Rolls Royce,
Bentleys and Mercedes-Benz. They fly in private jets. For legal and tax
purposes, these possessions too are attached to the church. They are in the
forefront of the television ministries. The church services they conduct to
resemble a rock concert with entertainment provided by a highly
choreographed choir and musicians that rival Ray Charles 1961 band. The
audience is made to feel good even before the man with the plan makes his
grand entrance.

Dressed in a tailored eight button powder blue suit, alligator shoes, gold
Rolex watch, ring with a diamond large enough to choke a mule, well coifed
pompadour and freshly manicured nails, the brother man is sharper than a
mosquito's peeter. His eyes scan the audience in search of the finest
sisters among it. Contrary to common belief, the black preacher continues to
embrace many of his predecessors old demons. One of which is getting more
booty than a toilet seat from the loose sisters of the flock. Knocking the
bottom out of as many females as he possibly can seems to be the primary
goal in life for many of these preachers.

Old habits die hard.

No matter what type of dog the preacher is the sisters just keepa comin',
screamin', yes sir buddy, they like it.

To impress the flock they attach the moniker of "Doctor" to their names.
What they don't tell you is that they received it from some "university"
that no one ever heard of. If you checked that "university" out you would
find it to be a mom and pop operated diploma mill whose address is a post
office box number in a place called Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop. Degrees ranging
from Associate and Bachelor to Doctoral are nothing more than preprinted
forms. Anyone desiring a degree simply forwards the correct amount of
federal reserve notes to mom and pop diploma mill who in turn have their
two-year toddler paint your name on it.

A few days later your degree comes in the mail, and you are now a bona
feedee con man or woman.

With the precision of a fine Swiss watch, and the good book in hand he
quotes a few passages to get the attention of the flock. Having finished the
preliminaries he announces the subject of his sermon, yet another variation
of an old and continuing theme of the necessity for you to give them more

No matter which of the modern day super churches you visit they are all
somehow the same. Preachers are locked into a cut throat; ruthless world of
recruiting as many people as humanly possible all in the pursuit of the
mighty dollar.

Lets face it folks, the black preacher of today is too often money hungry,
power seeking, worldly, untruthful, womanizing, selfish, cunning, divisive,
abusive and excessive. All the things you expect in an unholy person.

It is my belief that there are three things that lead to the downfall of a
man. They are money, power and women. One or combination thereof can, if a
man becomes grossly involved with them, destroy him.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of these modern day preachers are
simultaneously pursuing all three. Apparently, this does not seem to bother
their followers. It's a mind thing with them. The flock has been brainwashed
so much by the preacher that it is willing to let him get away with anything
less than murder, and I am not sure of that.

To show you how abusive and vicious the black preacher has become, recently,
I had the opportunity to witness a well-known shyster disguised as a
preacher berating his flock for their being nosy about his wife's
acquisition of her latest set of wheels.

I was channel surfing and luckily ran across the preacher on a nationwide
broadcast badmouthing his flock.

I don't know what was said prior to my tuning in however, I could hear all
that I needed to conclude that this joker was as intimidating as an IRS
agent during an audit.

Apparently, his wife purchased a new set of wheels. Purchasing a new car is
not in itself unusual. From what I gathered from the preacher's comments, he
had learned through the grapevine that some members of his flock had
problems with these new wheels. Upon hearing about this discord he became
Mr. Baddass and proceeded to go upside their heads for having the audacity
to question his wife's new car.

Somewhere in this sermon he informed them it was none of their business that
his wife was driving a car that cost over $300,000!

That figure blows your mind too huh?

I am no expert on cars, however, it does not take a rocket scientist to
conclude that a vehicle costing over $300,000 is some set of wheels. We are
talking Rolls and Bentley. I can surely understand the members concern over
this outrageous display of vanity.

For the preacher's wife to buy a $300,000 car is not in itself wrong;
however, at the very least one can conclude that it doesn't look good. I
believe that somewhere in the Bible it talks about avoiding the appearances
of evil.

There is no doubt in my mind that it takes an arrogant and abusive preacher
to stand in front of his members and scold them for having uneasy feelings
about his wife driving around in such a car. Especially, when they are
driving an old ford sedan. But that's the type of bullshit many followers
put up with.

While the black preacher is busy gathering his sacks of cash to buy his
comforts and necessities he admonishes his flock to rely on prayer to
provide theirs.

He is quick to point out that money is not a major factor in his life. This
is a buncha bullshit! When these steely eyed con artist say it is not about
the money, it's about the money! The second the collection drops below sea
level that same preacher will on your case like stink on elephant turds.
It's as simple as that.

You won't them relying on prayer for all the worldly things they are busy
accumulating. They rely on the federal reserve notes the flock brings to

Many black people have reduced praying to nothing more than playing games
with The Almighty. This is, I think, an extremely dangerous thing to do.

I try to be sensible and respectful to God when I pray. I strive to be
selective and careful when I request His Divine intervention, comfort and
guidance especially during stormy periods in my life. I avoid making stupid
requests of God. I realize my use of the word stupid is purely subjective,
and actions I consider to be stupid may not be to you and that's okay by me.

Let me lay out some prayer requests that I consider stupid.

Let's say that on my way home from work I stop off at Sadie's world famous
hole in the wall joint and get my head bad by consuming more than my share
of boilermakers. I get in my car with my head so bad that it takes me over
fifteen minutes to put the key in the ignition. Onto the highway I go
instantly becoming a potential killer behind the wheel and in the midst of
all this I ask God to get me home safely.

For me to violate every drunk driving law, and endanger the lives of my
fellow motorists and pedestrians, then ask The Almighty to watch over me is
just not logical to me.

For the records, I am a nondrinker and nonsmoker.

My mortgage note is due every month. For me to pray that the bank's computer
develops a glitch and wipes out my debt is stupid. However, having never
prayed for such a thing to occur I am not positive that praying for the
computer malfunction will not work. I'm a coward, so I will leave well
enough alone.

That's the type of praying people often do. And when their prayers are not
answered, they sit there boo-hooing buckets of tears just like my buddy Pee
Wee when he found out his wife and dreamboat Peaches had served him up a
heavy dose of clap, and he was afraid to tell his girlfriends that he might
have passed it on to them.

Pee Wee pulled himself together long enough to take the necessary action to
cure his problem. He visited the local clinic and got the required number of
penicillin shots in his booty to rid himself of the clap. After which, he
felt much better. And so did his whole neighborhood. They no longer had to
listen to him screaming every time he took a leak. Before you knew it, he
was back on the streets chasin' skirts again.

We have to face reality and reevaluate our praying habits and stop playing
games with God. We must stop viewing God as a Santa Claus. Like children at
Christmas time, we make out wish lists, most of which are material things,
and send it up to Him with hopes that He will bring us the winning lottery
ticket, a new car and house, a football win for our team, or a new wardrobe.

I am not an expert of prayer; however, I know enough to conclude that asking
God to give you the winning lottery number is not; I think, what praying is

Yet, here we are offering up insults and disrespect to God almost daily.
Let's stop that foolishness.

If you want a new house then take the necessary steps to obtain it. This
normally means working, saving, planning and making personal sacrifices. I
can see praying for guidance, wisdom and strength to help you to make wise,
sound, financial and moral decisions in your pursuit of the new house.

Prayers of this type make sense to me.

Falling to your knees and shouting to God to please give you a new house
does not make sense. It never has, and it never will.

It is time for us to stop listening to those black preachers who are
constantly misleading us about prayer and use common sense. Forget about all
those so called phone banks they set up as a type of prayer partnership. At
the end of your prayer "session" their operators let you know what the main
function of the phone bank is. Its main function is separating you from your
money. That's why they call it a phone bank.

Meanwhile, use discretion when you pray. And pray for things that make

It makes no sense to start praying if you are confronted by a grizzly bear.

It makes much sense to try to escape from his presence.

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So genetically, humans can somewhat tidily be divided into two groups: those
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