Is Sharia law coming to a neighborhood near you?
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2017-09-07 23:46:03 UTC
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The author says the subtitle of the book should actually be, "How Sharia is
already in a neighborhood near you."
Is Sharia Law Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?


Presumably the title is a rhetorical question. Source: Is Sharia Law Coming
to a Neighborhood Near You? – Liberty Nation

Raheem Kassam, British political activist and Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart
News London, addresses this issue in his new book, No Go Zones: How Sharia
Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You.

Kassam was born into Islam but has since become an atheist. He traversed
both the US and Europe in researching his book, and he spoke about in on
Liberty Nation Radio.

LN: The image on the cover of your book is the Statue of Liberty veiled in a
full burka. Is this meant to imply or state outright that the American
system of justice is in danger of bowing to Sharia law? Just how great is
the threat you outline in your book?

Mr. Kassam: I think it’s a very grave threat, and in fact, the truth is the
subtitle of the book should actually be, “How Sharia is already in a
neighborhood near you.” That’s the point to which we have gone so far. You
can see that all over the United States nowadays, all across Europe as well,
and that’s exactly what I did, exactly what I want to do is find out where.
Not just where there were large pockets of Muslim migration, but actually
where that migration, that ghettoization, that self-segregation was turning
into something more … that resembled a sort of dual track system of
government, a dual track justice system, a dual track standard of living.
Unfortunately, while I wish it were true and while I wish the Anderson
Coopers and CNN’s of the world were right when they say these places don’t
exist, I’m afraid they are incorrect.

LN: To what extent is Sharia law currently a factor in the American justice
system as opposed to the many nations of Europe you visited in writing this

Mr. Kassam: Sharia law doesn’t try to be a factor in any other justice
system. It holds itself up as a justice system in and of itself. It doesn’t
need the authority and the approval of man-made law, as they call it in a
derogatory fashion. You have in the United Kingdom, for instance, Sharia
councils that exist, and they will weigh in on all manner of issues, be they
local family disputes, business disputes, inheritance-related, divorce,
marriage, all of that kind of thing.

Your question is a good question in the sense that in the UK we actually
acknowledge the power of these councils and these courts because they find
their legitimacy in the Arbitration Act, which is an Act of Parliament that
allows religious communities to internally arbitrate their own disputes.
Unfortunately, you can’t really guarantee fairness, safety, security,
integrity when that goes on when you have a parallel justice system because
they’re not being held to the same standard as the rest of us.

For instance, we know what the Quran says about women. We know that the
Quran states that a woman’s testimony is worth half of that of a man’s. And
therefore, when a woman is hauled before a Sharia council in the United
Kingdom, her view is deemed to be half as legitimate, half as likely to be
the truth, as perhaps the man she is trying to divorce or the man that’s
trying to divorce her or the inheritance she’s trying to get, etc., etc.

Now, to use an old tactic from the left, “this is 2017.” You often hear that
from the cultural Marxists out there, “This is 2017, how dare we have a
Robert E. Lee statue up.” Well, why don’t we have protests against female
genital mutilation? This is 2017. Why don’t we have protests against Sharia
councils discriminating against women? This is 2017. Why don’t we have a
protest against people that are being forced to wear the burka or the hijab
or who are being beaten and lashed? This is 2017. But these arguments fall
on deaf ears. They have this sort of moral and cultural relativism that they
deal with when addressing Islam and radical Islam and fundamentalist Islam.

Rudy Canoza
2017-09-07 23:54:25 UTC
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No, and it's not in or coming to a neighborhood near you, either, you
shitbag. Fuck off.
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2017-09-08 02:55:08 UTC
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Post by Rudy Canoza
No, and it's not in or coming to a neighborhood near you,
either, you shitbag. Fuck off.
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