Does NFL stand for the Negro Football League now?
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2017-10-01 00:37:12 UTC
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The Beaumont Bulls youth football team in Texas saw the remainder of their
season canceled because they chose to kneel during the National Anthem:

Choices have consequences, Dashawn:

Young negros raised to be ignorant.:

And in other news the Browns are still garbage:

The insult of kneeling during our national anthem would never happen again
if all the fans left the stadium...
LeBron Calls Trump Voters "Uneducated"

Following LeBron James series of tweets attacking and insulting President
Trump and his opinion about the disrespectful NFL players who are protesting
the national anthem, conservative supporters didn’t stay silent.

The famous NBA All-star player was in the headlines when he attacked Trump’s
supporters calling them "uneducated".

So now, the ‘uneducated’ people have humiliated LeBron in a way he could’ve
never expected, teaching him English grammar 101 in one picture, which
contained all his grammar mistakes he made in the tweets he used to call the
conservative supports uneducated.

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Apparently, the LeBron was hit by this much more than he expected so up till
now he hasn’t responded to the picture. And maybe that’s for the best since
his strong side is not communication. As it turns out he should stick to
sports, and stop trying to be "righteous" and attack President Trump and his
supporters, most of which are well-educated people who believe in President
Trump and his vision.

From now on LeBron should first check his grammar before he posts something
against a people who are clearly highly educated...

2017-10-01 01:33:17 UTC
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Post by Byker
The Beaumont Bulls youth football team in Texas saw the
remainder of their season canceled because they chose to
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